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Why You Need a Regularly Updated Website as the Center of your Digital Presence

We mentioned this statistic in an earlier blog post, but it’s worth repeating. Every SECOND, 40,000 people perform a Google search. Many of these people are potential customers searching for your business! A 2016 study found that 95% of all U.S. consumers used the internet to search for a local business at least once in the past year. 53% did so at least once a month, 38% did so at least once a week, and 11% did so every day.

Of course, to reach these potential customers, you must have a digital presence. However, nearly half (46%) of small businesses in the United States don’t have a website. If your business fits into this category, it’s time to enter the digital media world. Here are the top three reasons given by small business owners who don’t have a website and why their reasoning is incorrect.

  • A website isn’t necessary for my industry (32%).  No matter what type of business you own, if you have customers, it’s essential that you have an online presence. More than 80% of consumers say that they do research online before making a purchase.
  • Creating a website is expensive (30%). Professional website design is much more affordable than you might think. At Evolve Impact Group, our professional website packages start at $1800 ($150 a month). At $5 a day, this may cost less than your coffee habit!
  • I don’t need a website because my social media page is sufficient for my needs (12%). A social media presence does have major benefits, but it’s not enough. Becky Chumley, Evolve Impact Group’s Director of Digital Marketing, explains it this way.
    “Facebook pages are a great way to engage with people who ‘like’ your business. They can also help promote your brand. But for Facebook to be an effective advertising tool, you must be a well-established business with many followers or pay for sponsored ads. For potential customers who are searching for your type of business, it’s essential to have a website that ranks well in organic searches. This will get your business in front of people who might not know that they are looking for you.”

If you are one of the 64% of businesses that do have a website, it’s equally as important that your website has been updated recently and that you continue to make regular updates. Here are a few reasons why your website needs to be up-to-date and why frequent website updates are essential.

  • Mobile friendly websites are a must. You are likely losing potential customers if your website isn’t easily navigated on a smartphone.
    Website building techniques are changing rapidly. Not only is a new website more visually appealing, it also loads more quickly. Slower loading websites potentially turn away potential customers and impact your Google search result ranking.
  • Regularly updated websites send the signal to your customers that your business is thriving. They ensure visitors that your business is flourishing and that you care about your customers.
  • Fresh content increases your authority potential. Publishing informative, quality content on your website increases your authority on a topic. One of the best ways to add fresh content to your website is to include a blog on your website that is frequently updated with articles applicable to your business.
  • Fresh content enables your potential customers to find you through a Google search. Websites that aren’t frequently updated will fall farther down the list of Google search results because search engines regard websites with the most recent content as the most relevant.

Do you need help establishing or improving your small business’s digital presence? Evolve Impact Group offers personalized website development and content writing solutions for your business to ensure improved market presence and sustainable, long-term impact in the marketplace. Contact us today for more information!

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