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3 Reasons Blogs Boost Your SEO

Once upon a time, blogs were a way for people to post about their lives on the Internet, kind of like an online journal. They weren’t even called blogs until 1997 when the term “weblog” was coined. Now it’s essential for businesses of all sizes to blog if you want to grow your following, increase website traffic, and boost visibility in search engines.
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Tips for Writing Quality Web Content

Do you know what is crucial to the success of your website? The one thing that will attract and keep visitors and ensure you have a high ranking on search engines? High-quality content. The design of your website helps you make a good first impression with visitors, but it’s the content that keeps them coming back for more. When it comes to the content of a website, search engines are somewhat demanding. Your website won’t get a high search engine ranking if it doesn’t have enough qualit...
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5 Reasons to Update Your Blog Regularly

One of the questions we’re frequently asked is, “How often do I need to update my blog?” There’s honestly no right answer to this question – some people say daily, others say weekly or monthly. What really matters is that you establish an expected schedule and then stick with it. Consistency is more important than frequency.
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8 Tips for Writing Converting Content

A search engine friendly website is a must-have for any digital marketing plan, but frequent website updates are also needed. A recent blog post discussed specifically how blog posts can help boost the SEO of your website. Fresh content also increases your authority potential, gives you more opportunities to highlight keywords, and leads to more frequent indexing with search engines.
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How to Write a Blog People Want to Read AND Boost Your SEO!

We hope our clients know that Evolve Impact Group wants each of them to be the best they can, and we want to help you grow your business or organization to its full potential. We talk a lot about Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – and the importance of a quality website with frequent updates. One of the easiest ways to update website content is through blog writing, but the time spent writing those blogs won’t give you much ROI unless your customers and potential clients read them. So, how...
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7 Essential Digital Tools for Your 2019 Marketing Plan

A new year is a great time for evaluation of current strategies and practices in many areas of our lives. If you’re part of a small business or organization, take some time over the next few weeks to think about your marketing strategy goals to ensure that you’re ready to start the new year. Today, as always, the primary role of marketing is to attract visitors, convert them into potential leads, assist sales personnel in closing them as clients, and keep them coming back. But in our curren...
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What Exactly is Content Writing and Why Does it Matter

A digital presence with a search-engine-friendly website is an essential part of a digital marketing plan for any thriving business or organization. Potential customers or patrons are searching for you! In today’s business world, a digital presence acts like the “yellow pages” of previous times. However, “once and done” is not the best mantra for your digital presence.
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The Future of Social Media – Three Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

As social media platforms and their users continue to evolve, your small businesses must be prepared for new developments and how they will change the ways your brand interacts with your audience. How will social media change in the months and years to come? Here are three expert predictions.
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Does Google Think Your Business is Dead?

You’ve just moved to a new town and you’re craving Chinese food. You’re in need of a doctor on a Saturday. Your husband needs a suit dry-cleaned by Monday. What’s your next move? Ask Google, of course!
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