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11 Essential Rules of Logo Design

When you think about all the factors that go into building a business, creating a logo may not seem like a top priority. But having a recognizable logo is essential to ensuring your brand is successful.

Why is a logo so important? Because it's the foundation of your brand – the symbol people associate with your company. Your logo should make an impact and be instantly recognizable and memorable.

Creating a powerful visual representation of your brand is more than just graphic design, though. Following specific design rules is essential to create a logo that effectively represents your company. Here are 11 logo design rules to keep in mind.

1. Represent your brand.

The most crucial factor is for your logo to represent your brand effectively. Of course, you can’t capture every detail of your company in your logo, but it should relate to your brand in some way. For inspiration, think about famous logos and how they reflect their brand.

2. Brainstorm and sketch many different ideas.

The first step in designing a compelling and memorable logo is brainstorming ideas and making preliminary sketches. Don’t rush or skip this step! A good starting point is 20 to 30 sketches or ideas – then branch out and create variations of these original ideas. If nothing seems to work, start the process over again.

3. Keep it simple.

Sometimes less really is more. The simpler the logo, the more recognizable and memorable it will be. Think about the logos for Apple, McDonald’s, Microsoft, and Nike. They are all easily recognizable with a clean, simple, and timeless design.

Remove any unnecessary elements of a complicated design, so you end up with a simple version.

4. Size is important.

Since your logo will appear in various sizes, it must be legible and look good in every size. It won't be effective if it loses too much definition when scaled down to a tiny icon on mobile devices and business cards. But your logo must also work when it's blown up for posters and billboards.

Once you have a design you like, make sure it looks good in various sizes.

5. Color is crucial.

Another important factor to keep in mind is color. Since color appeals to people’s emotions, you should choose colors that match the overall feel and tone of your brand. The logo must also work when it’s used in color, grayscale, and black and white.

6. Choose fonts carefully.

Font choice is critical if you include words in your logo. Using one font is ideal, but make sure it’s legible when scaled down. Choosing a custom font will make your logo uniquely different and distinguished. Avoid commonly used fonts that can make your logo look unprofessional.

7. Use balance and symmetry.

Did you know our eyes are naturally drawn to symmetrical images? Since a balanced design is naturally appealing, make sure your logo has balance in weight, color, and graphics.

8. Be original and memorable.

Research logos for inspiration, but make sure your logo is original. The colors, fonts, and symbols in your logo design should be uniquely different than your competitors. After all, you want people to associate your logo with your brand and not confuse it with another company.

Since the goal of creating a logo is to build brand recognition, your logo needs to be memorable. Choose a simple design that people easily remember and instantly recognize as your brand.

9. Avoid trends.

Avoid the temptation to follow trends that may be popular right now. What looks current today may look silly and outdated in a few years. The key is to create a logo that is timeless and classic.

10. Test on all media.

Test out your logo and make sure it looks great on all forms of media. What works on a computer screen may not look the same on a mobile device or printed in black and white. Your logo should be clear and recognizable on all forms of media.

11. Hire a professional logo designer.

Don’t attempt to create your own logo unless you’re a graphic designer with an extensive understanding of branding and creative media. An amateur logo will make you look unprofessional and could damage your business and reputation.

Does your business need a professional logo design?

There’s no denying the impact of a recognizable logo. It’s the foundation of your brand and uniquely identifies your company from your competitors. Impact Group Marketing offers a variety of high-quality, professional design services – including customized, high-resolution logo design. Our graphic designers are university-trained and industry-tested, and we’ll work with you to ensure your logo is clear and impactful. Contact us today to learn more!