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Here at Evolve, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people reach their brand and marketing needs through consulting, design, digital marketing, and print. Having helped and gotten to know our clients over the years, now it’s our turn to offer an inside look into the culture and community that make up Evolve Impact Group. Learn more, firsthand, from the people who have found a home here.

Let's welcome Andrew Harper, Account Executive!

Name: Andrew Harper

Family and pets:

  • Holick
  • Mattie
  • Ellie

Favorite color: Blue        

Favorite quote: "Nobody makes you angry: You decide to use an anger response."

Favorite trend in our industry at the moment: Wifi-Enabled Home Gadgets and Appliances

Two truths and a lie (comment below what you think the answer is):

  1. I love taking pictures 
  2. I have jumped out of over a dozen perfectly good airplanes
  3. I attempted enough college credit hours to receive 2 bachelor’s degrees

If you could switch your job with anyone else within Evolve, whose job would you want?

Is this a loaded question? Joe’s

What have you gained from working at Evolve?

Lifelong Friends

If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

Hawk – Majestic, regal, guide & messenger, protector. Spirt Animal Stuff

When you’re not at work how do you spend your time/What are your hobbies?

Spending time with Family, Cooking, Fishing, & Hunting

What would be your karaoke go-to song and what setting would we likely find you singing it in?

Margaritaville – Anywhere, Anytime

If you could invite three people to dinner (dead or alive), who would be at the table and why?

My mother, my son, my wife. So they could all meet her in the capacity that I knew her in growing up.

What would be your dream concert line-up?

311, The Beatles, the Doors, Queen, Rolling Stones, & Pink Floyd.