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How To Boost a Post on Social Media

If you’re looking for a marketing tactic that can quickly increase the number of people that see your content, try boosting your social media posts. It’s a simple concept – just pay to have your posts appear as sponsored content on the timelines of non-followers. Doing this is easy and will help you gain online exposure. 
Here are some ways to boost your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so you can take advantage of this incredible feature!


  1. Choose an existing post on your Facebook Business Page that you want to boost.
  2. Click the blue “Boost Post” button near the comment bar on the bottom right corner of your Facebook post.
  3. Once you click the boost post button, you’ll be able to choose which audience you want to target. You can either distribute your post to an audience that Facebook recommends for you, or you can choose to target your desired audience based on age, location, interests, or gender. 
  4. The last step is to choose how long you want the promotion to last and how much you want to spend. Based on your duration and budget, Facebook will estimate how many people your post will reach.


  1. Tap the “Promote” button at the bottom of your picture.
  2. Instagram will first ask if your goal is to attract more profile visits or increase website traffic. Select the one that applies to you and click next.
  3. Once you pick your goal, you can choose your audience. There are three different targeting options to choose from: Automatic, Local and Manual. Automatic lets Instagram target people who are the same as your followers. Local allows you to target people in a specific location. Manual gives you the opportunity to target specific people, places or interests.
  4. After you set your post’s budget and ad duration, Instagram will estimate the reach and clicks that your post will likely attract.


  1. At the bottom of your Tweet, click “View Tweet Activity.”
  2. Hit “Promote Your Tweet.”
  3. The targeting is less complex than Facebook and Instagram, so your only options are nationwide, statewide, or citywide boost.
  4. Once you set your budget, Twitter will evaluate the amount of engagements and impressions your boosted Tweet will attract. With their wide reach, Twitter promos can bring tens of thousands of interactions to your post.

Bottom Line

Boosting your social media posts is easy to do, and the benefits make it worthwhile and profitable. You’ll be successful regardless of which social media platform you choose, so just sit back and watch your post take off! 
If you need extra guidance or help getting started, give us a call today. We’re more than happy to help you maximize your presence on social media platforms and boost your social media posts.