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10 Tips for Taking Quality Social Media Pictures

Your business is on social media because you want to reach your audience…and you know that’s where you’ll find them.

While it’s easier than ever to reach your customers, they’re also being targeted on social media by your competitors.

A picture is worth a thousand likes! So, how can you make sure the photos you post on your social media accounts stand out from the crowd?

The good news is, you no longer need an expensive camera to produce beautiful images. Most smartphones have impressive cameras that allow you to take stunning photos.

Here are a few tips to help you snap quality photos for your social media accounts:

Tips for Taking Quality Photos for Social Media

1. Clean your camera lens.

This is especially true if you’re using a cellphone. Smudges can distort your photo and decrease the overall quality.

2. Check your lighting.

Whether you’re using a cellphone or an expensive camera, lighting makes all the difference. If possible, take your photos near natural light. Going outside is a great option, but if you need to take the pictures inside, shoot near a window. Put your subject off to an angle and take the photo with your back to the window. If you face the window when you shoot, the picture will be too bright.

It’s not a good idea to use the flash. The flash in your smartphone can cast a yellow light or shadows over your subject and make them less appealing.

3. Use the rule of thirds.

Using the rule of thirds will improve the composition of your photos and create balanced and visually appealing images. Your smartphone allows you to enable grid lines when you take a photo, and those lines make it easier for you to follow the rule of thirds.

The grid is two vertical and two horizontal lines spaced equally apart. Professional photographers know not to center everything on the screen because it’s not visually appealing. So, if you want to take your photos to the next level, use the rule of thirds and position your subject where those lines intersect. You’ll create a more professional and attractive image.

4. Take photos horizontally not vertically.

Make sure your social media photography is landscape rather than portrait. It’s much easier to crop these images and ensure they display properly on all social media platforms.

5. Don’t zoom.

It’s better to get closer to your subject than it is to zoom, especially if you’re using a smartphone. Zooming can cause the picture to look blurry or grainy. You also want to leave room for things to be cropped out if necessary.

6. Tap on your subject.

After you frame your shot, before you touch the shutter button and take the picture, tap on your subject. This tells your phone where to focus so the image comes out sharp.

7. Shoot from different angles.

Play around with different perspectives and angles, so you have some flexibility when you choose a picture to post. Make sure the subject of the image and all faces can be seen.

8. Use a simple but creative background.

The background matters when you’re taking a photo. Intersections created by doors and windows can distract from the subject and ruin the composition of the picture. Here are some background ideas to keep in mind:

  • Find a colorful or bright background outside
  • Shoot in front of a colored wall or building with brick, stone or rock
  • Place products on interesting floors or wooden tables     

9. Take candid shots.

Don’t just post pictures of your products. People make great subjects, and photos with faces are proven to get more likes and comments. Your subjects don’t always need to pose, though. Candid shots add a human element to your brand. One of the best ways to capture an interesting candid shot is to have fun and take a lot of pictures.

10. Use editing tools.

There are many great editing tools available that are free and easy to use. You want to enhance the lighting and color of the photo, but don’t overedit and make it look unrealistic.

What Kinds of Photos to Post on Social Media

The quality of the photos you post is important, but so is the quantity. To keep engagement up, you should post at least 3x per week (but not more than once a day on each platform).

So, you need enough images to keep your audience engaged, and you also need diversity in the kinds of photos you post.

Let’s look at 6 types of social media marketing images you can include in your posts:

1. User-Generated Content Images

One of the most powerful types of content you can use on any social media marketing platform is user-generated content (UGC).

Because it’s created and shared by your customers, your audience will automatically view it as more authentic and trustworthy than other marketing messages. There’s also not much you need to do except encourage your customers to share their photos of your product and tag you in them. Then thank them publicly and ask permission to use the image. This may also encourage other customers to do the same so their photos will get noticed, too.

2. Product Images

You don’t want your social media content to only be product promotion, but you do want to share interesting and beautiful images of your product. Here are some options to keep in mind:

  • Show the product in use so people can see how it works and looks
  • Use arrows and text to point out special features, announce sales, or show the name of the product
  • Show the product photo on a seasonal or interesting background image or pattern 

3. Photos of Your Team

Your customers enjoy getting to know the people who run the businesses they work with or purchase from. You can spotlight one or two employees at a time and share fun facts or information about them. This allows your audience to feel like they know your team…and that can make a big impact.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Behind-the-scenes pictures make your customers feel like they’re getting an exclusive insight into what your business is doing. Use a simple image with text overlay to explain exactly what your audience is seeing.

5. Brand Announcements

Social media is a great place to share brand announcements like upcoming events, new store hours, flash sales coming soon, or that you’re hiring.

Whatever announcement you make, remember that images make a stronger impression than text alone and will dramatically increase the visibility of your post.

6. This-or-That Pictures

This-or-that pictures give your audience two different options and ask them to choose which one they like better. These images are a fun and creative way to promote your brand and increase engagement quickly. They can also act as basic market research.

The Bottom Line

The quality of your social media photos is important if you want to run a successful marketing campaign. The good news is you don’t need expensive equipment to take interesting pictures. Our ten photography tips will help get you started in the right direction.

Once you know how to take good photos, you just need to offer your followers a variety of images. Social media marketing needs to be strategic, and you must create content that will capture their attention and keep them engaged.

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