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Clubhouse – Everything Your Brand and Business Needs to Know

Out of the Apple Store’s 2 million mobile apps, the trending social app right now is Clubhouse. It has had a meteoric rise since it was launched in April 2020, with over 10 million downloads!

This somewhat new app has seen enormous growth in recent months and has shaken up the social media world. But what exactly is Clubhouse? And how does it fit into your social media marketing efforts?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an exclusive, invite-only, audio-only social media app where users can create, host, and join discussion chatrooms. Participants can move around different virtual rooms and listen to and participate in a wide range of conversations. There are rooms focused on health, business, world affairs, marketing, podcasting, mindfulness – you name it, and it’s there.

How does Clubhouse work?

Since Clubhouse uses an invite-only system, you need an invitation from another user to join. Once you’re in, there’s no shortage of rooms and groups, both private and public, to join and listen in on. Users can also create their own “open” or “closed” room. The Clubhouse app is for anyone interested in learning from industry experts and thought leaders or sharing their knowledge on given subjects.

How can brands and businesses benefit from Clubhouse?

The advantage of Clubhouse for your brand or business is the incredible ability to network and participate in the conversations taking place within the app. Here are 6 specific ways Clubhouse can benefit your brand or business:

1. Build Business Relationships – You can create new business connections to grow your network when you deliver value to other rooms.

2. Human Engagement – Connect with people when you listen to their insights and share your expertise and experience.

3. Give Your Brand a Voice – Clubhouse gives your small business a voice and allows you to be heard above the noise of other social media apps.

4. Test Your Ideas – Clubhouse lets you put your ideas to the test by allowing users to solicit feedback from other users.

5. Tell Your Story – Create an engaging story around your brand and share it on Clubhouse.

6. Go Viral – Clubhouse sends a notification to your followers when you’re on stage, so you can attract more people to your profile and get more followers.

What makes Clubhouse so unique?

What makes this app stand out is the quality of conversations and the deep relationships that are built. Since the goal of joining is to create authentic connections, you’re able to develop a strong relationship with people quickly. Plus, the diversity of creators is enormous!

Bottom Line

As a business and brand, it’s important to remember that people connect to people first! Find the right people and the right conversations – then use Clubhouse to share your expertise and grow your brand. 

If Clubhouse’s incredible popularity is any indication, this is the direction things are heading – smaller, more niche experiences so people can connect with other people. Contact us today and let us help you make an impact and grow your business!