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According to newly released statistics, 81 percent of the population of the United States had at least one social networking profile in 2017. Also impressive is how frequently social media sites are accessed by their users. 78% of Facebook users log on daily, and 55% of those daily users log in more than once a day. Social media can serve as a powerful tool for your business to reach a large audience of current and potential customers.

As the importance of social media for small businesses grows, more owners are realizing the value of hiring a social media manager. It is time consuming to effectively manage multiple social media accounts each day. Managing an account consists of much more than writing and posting short sentences. Social media management includes creating a posting calendar for each social media account, writing numerous posts each day, responding to any messages left on your timeline or sent privately by your customers, and regularly reviewing analytics to determine the best type of content to post and the best time to do so. A good social media manager also has the experience to understand which types of posts will receive the most views and possesses advanced graphic design skills.

Here are seven qualities to look for when hiring a social media manager for your small business.

Social media savvy

He or she should regularly use social media personally and should be well-versed in current trends and changes. For example, Facebook has recently undergone huge changes that affect every small business. Your social media manager should be aware of any changes and have strategies for navigating them.

Marketing experience

Social media management is so much more than simply creating graphics to post - it encompasses sales, public relations and reputation building. Be sure to hire someone who understands marketing strategies and has a proven track record of engaging customers.

Writing abilities

The best social media managers are often already writing blogs of their own or for other small business. He or she should be able to tell a good story and engage the audience, but also to generate clear, concise, and professional posts. Your social media manager also must have impeccable grammar - posts with grammatical errors make your business look unprofessional. Social media is one area where perfectionism is clearly an asset.

Data analysis abilities

Good social media managers can analyze large amounts of data, recognizing trends regarding whether a current campaign or strategy is working. They are logical and intuitively find connections, brainstorming possible solutions.

Graphic design abilities

According to one study, social media posts that include graphics receive 94% more views than those without. If your business targets millennials or women, graphics are even more important. A social media manager can conceptualize and design high-quality images, sourcing and editing images as needed.  

Emotional maturity

A good social media manager should be able to understand and manage his or her emotions. Look for these signs:

  • Noticing and verbalizing when wrong
  • Compassion towards others
  • Knowing when to quit and when to persevere
  • Seeking self-mastery
  • Accessible
  • Responsible
  • Independent

Empathy and Patience

Empathy is the key to great customer service and, at it’s core, social media management IS customer service. If your social media manager can put himself or herself in your customers’ shoes, he or she will be able to better address their needs.

Evolve Impact Group offers personalized social media management solutions for your business to ensure improved market presence and sustainable, long-term impact in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn more!