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Social media slowly slipped into our lives, little by little. Now, it’s the focal point for 7 in 10 Americans – almost twice as many as five years ago. And those users spend an average of nearly 2.5 hours on social channels every day.

Most businesses have jumped on board the social media train – and it has revolutionized the way they do marketing. Is your business taking advantage of social media marketing?

What are some of the benefits of a social media strategy?

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Develop better customer relationships
  • Grow a larger audience
  • Improve website traffic
  • Generate more leads
  • Make more sales

There’s no question – social media should be a vital part of your overall marketing efforts. Here are more reasons your business should be using social media.

One way to jumpstart your social media strategy is to create eye-catching images.

So, how do you create these mind-blowing images for social media?

One option is to outsource and use a digital marketing agency, like Impact Group Marketing, to design stunning and original graphics for your brand. Businesses who choose this option believe it’s money well-spent.

Another option is to use graphic designing tools like Visme, PicMonkey, and Canva that create appealing images to capture your audience. However, these designing tools have disadvantages and limitations, and they can also be overwhelming and time-consuming to generate.

What do you need to create graphics for?

  • Cover photos for each social media platform you have
  • Instagram images
  • Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Infographics
  • Images for your opt-in freebies

If you decide to create images on your own, you’ll need to do a little research to find the correct sizes for social media images since the dimensions change periodically.

Also, make sure you make your business’s images and graphics cohesive with your brand. And don’t forget to optimize your images – you don’t want to lose potential customers while they wait for your image to load!

Bottom Line

Content with relevant and eye-catching images gets 94% more views than content without them. But having the perfect image not only means finding it, you also need to design and edit it so that it reflects your brand and gets noticed on social media.

Impact Group Marketing offers multiple social media management programs with customized content designed for YOUR business and audience. Contact us today to learn more about our packages and how we can help you manage your social media marketing.