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You may have heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for” in reference to any number of goods or services, but we believe it to be particularly true of websites. Have you ever done a quick Google search, clicked on something that looked interesting and relevant, and then – when the page loaded – thought, “Ugh”? Most of the time, users get a feel for a website in terms of usability and usefulness within seconds after it loads on their screen. Those critical seconds can determine whether a prospective user, client, or customer, will remain on the site and take a closer look at what you have to offer.

How do I get started?

The possibilities for building a website are endless. While a cut-and-paste template method of building a website may work for something like a freelance photographer or beginning cookie baker, it’s probably not the best choice for your organization or company. There are countless choices – large and small – that will ultimately influence the success and longevity of your website.

What’s next?

So, if it’s not as simple as you thought, how should you go about about designing a new website or updating an existing one? Websites have been the go-to for information about organizations and companies for a few decades now. In many ways they function in the same way that yellow pages in telephone books did - and in some cases still do. Here are a few key points to keep in mind, and ways Evolve Impact Group can help:

  • Website development begins with defining the essence of the organization and identifying your “brand.” In other words, figuring out what will go on a website requires knowing what the organization is about. What are the long-term goals? What is your communication strategy? What are the daily operational and program goals?
  • Once your “brand” has been identified as well as key features of what sets you apart from others in the marketplace, EIG will develop a plan to ensure that the information on the website aligns with messages on all branding and marketing materials.
  • EIG develops websites with responsive design using the latest HTML5 and bootstrap technology as well as a search engine friendly content management system, which is not only easy to update, but sets your website up for maximum search engine placement. Following development, we install Google Analytics reporting software and submit your website to all major search engines for indexing.

How much will it cost?

Building a website doesn’t have to “break the bank.” And, if done correctly, it is a solid investment that will serve as a valuable marketing tool for your company or organization for many years. Evolve Impact Group offers a variety of professional website packages. Contact us for pricing!

Evolve Impact Group can help!

For more detailed information about pricing and related services contact EIG today. We’ll be happy to talk about how to begin your website design or redesign project. Our #1 goal is to create a website for your business that not only tells your story and promotes your products and services, but that people can find and is user-friendly! Once that is achieved, EIG can assist with a full range of digital marketing services to better promote your organization or business, including: Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Google AdWords and Facebook paid advertising management; social media management; and personalized content writing solutions. Let’s get started!


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