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A digital presence with a search-engine-friendly website is an essential part of a digital marketing plan for any thriving business or organization. Potential customers or patrons are searching for you! In today’s business world, a digital presence acts like the “yellow pages” of previous times. However, “once and done” is not the best mantra for your digital presence. A good guideline is to post new content and/or updates to your websites weekly, bi-weekly, or at the very minimum monthly to signal to your customers (and search engines) that your business is thriving (read more here).

Why fresh content is important:

  • Fresh content lets your clients or customers know that your organization or business is alive and well! It also keeps followers engaged and aware of new products, services, or promotions. Anyone who reads your blog should be considered a client or potential client.
  • Fresh content increases your authority potential. Publishing informative, quality content on your website increases your authority on a topic. As your authority grows, so will your customers’ trust. This trust will result in loyalty to your company and your products, making you highly competitive regardless of the size of your business. And the more you interact online, the more likely it is your unique brand will be recognized.
  • Fresh content leads to more frequent indexing. The more often your website is updated, the more frequently a search engine will visit your website, making it more likely potential customers will find your website via a Google search. In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to do internet research for a product or service and not end up reading blog posts. Make sure your posts are the ones that are read!
  • Fresh content presents more opportunities for keywords. One of the main ways search engines index and rank websites is through keywords. Frequently added content gives you the opportunity to increase the number of applicable keywords that will attract visitors to your site. One great way to achieve this is to include a blog on your website that is frequently updated with applicable articles on topics that naturally include your keywords.

Tips for web content writing

Now that you realize how important it is to have fresh content on a website, how do you go about writing content that visitors to your website will actually read? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Website content is read differently than print. Web content is actually NOT read; it’s scanned or glanced at.
  • Website visitors are most often looking for information or a product to buy. Your website should provide what they’re looking for and allow them to find it quickly.
  • Unlike the writing which occurs for an essay or other printed material, on web pages the most important information should come first. Avoid creative writing or clever wording – keep the wording as simple as possible.
  • Write as though the information will be scanned, rather than read word-for-word. And, make it easy to read. Use short paragraphs and short sentences. Use the active tense whenever possible. And, keep it short! Just say it and move on.
  • Expect that visitors may arrive anywhere on the website, not just where you would want them to land on the home page.

Short on time or personnel? Time invested in updating your website and creating blogs is time well-spent, but also time-consuming. In addition to providing website design and management services, Evolve Impact Group offers affordable, customized content writing solutions including blog articles, social media articles and posts, press releases and more. Our talented writers can suggest topics, research industry related news, and write custom copy to be distributed on your website, social media accounts, newsletters, etc.

For more information about pricing or to see samples of articles we have written, contact Evolve Impact Group today!


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