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The way the church meets, communicates, and spreads the good news of Jesus has changed tremendously over the past 2,000 years – from the hand-written letters of the Apostles to the 140 characters on Twitter. That doesn’t mean the Gospel’s message has changed, or that people need Jesus any less. But how people find and engage with the church is completely different than it was even 20 years ago.
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Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales tried for years on their own to boost their website traffic and increase their name recognition – but they felt like they were stuck in 5 o’clock traffic and getting nowhere. They’ve already seen impressive results after just one year of partnering with Impact Group Marketing – including over 6,000 new website visitors and almost 600 phone calls from their Google My Business listing. We also turbocharged their social media presence with over 169K Facebook page i...
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12 May, 2021 | Case Study | 0 Comments |
One of the most common conversion killers is a high bounce rate. Why? Because if the majority of your users are abandoning your website on the first page, you don’t have a chance to convert them into customers or subscribers.
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Creating an annual marketing budget is an essential task for every business. If you want your business to grow and thrive, you need to retain loyal customers and attract new customers who will hopefully become loyal customers. To accomplish this, you have to get the word out about the services and products you offer – and let people know why your company is the one they should choose. Without a sufficient marketing budget, you won’t be able to grow your business. Being a successful marketer i...
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