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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile for Maximum Impact

Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows small business owners to promote their business information on Google Search and Maps.

If you read our previous post, you know how to use your Google Business Profile.

Now let’s talk about how to optimize and maintain your profile so you appear at the top of Google searches.

Did you know that 97% of Internet users search for local businesses online? That’s why a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is an essential tool for getting your business found locally on Google Search and Maps.

Why is it important to optimize your Google Business Profile?

Over 60% of searchers disregard businesses that aren’t online. So, if your business isn’t online, you’re almost obsolete. Todays consumers don’t trust businesses that don’t have their information available online.

And 86% of consumers use Google Maps to find a local business. This number proves the importance of having an updated Google Business Profile! By optimizing your GBP, you’re showing Google that you’re a relevant search result for consumers – which increases your chances of showing up in Google’s local search results.

How to optimize your Google Business Profile

1. Post once a week. According to Google, posts allow you to connect with customers (potential and existing) through your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. You can share offers, announcements, and event details directly with your customers.

Posting once a week will update your profile and demonstrate activity – which boosts your relevancy and gets the attention of potential customers. Posting more often buries previous content and diminishes the engagement potential of each post. However, if posting occurs less than once a week, posts will be moved off the profile, and the updates section will be empty – representing a missed opportunity.

2. Fully describe your business. Your business description is a huge asset on Google Business Profile because it allows you to provide meaningful content directly to Google and your customers.

You can include up to 750 characters (letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation) in your business description. But since the first 250 are the most important, front-load your key information. The fuller your description is, the better.

3. Keep your hours updated. If you aren’t open, you don’t want customers to show up at your business, so this information is vital. Hours can be updated at any time – and you can add holiday hours ahead of time.

4. Respond to reviews. Google values customer feedback and ensures that businesses are responding to reviews on their Google Business Profiles. When customers leave a review, the Google algorithm searches for a response from the business. If the business has a history of responding promptly, Google gives them higher rankings in search results. But if businesses don’t respond (or take too long to reply), Google lowers its rankings in search results.

By responding to reviews on your Google Business Profile, you show Google that you care about your customers enough to address any issues. Being proactive also signals to Google that your business is reliable and trustworthy.

5. Showcase your business with photos. According to Google, your business will look best if you add category-specific photos that showcase features of your business.

Upload high-resolution photos of your location, exterior and interior photos, products, services, and even your team. These photos bring credibility to your listing and help customers learn more about your business, so keep them updated.  

Bottom Line

Google Business Profile is a powerful tool that boosts your online presence. Follow the tips above to optimize your profile and help consumers find you when they need you most.

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