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Facebook scams are a common tactic used by hackers that try and get users to give them their account information. The most common tactic used is known as a phishing scam, where the scammer pretends to be a Facebook Employee in order to convince users to trust them with sensitive account information. This blog will outline ways to identify and avoid this scam.
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If your business doesn’t already have a two-factor authentication solution in place, don’t wait any longer to implement this protective measure! Now that traditional passwords aren’t enough to keep away hackers, 2FA adds another layer of protection for you and your customers – and should be an essential part of your digital security strategy. Impact Group Marketing offers multiple social media management programs.
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It may be tempting – especially for cost-conscious small businesses – to use an online website builder. Many website developer tools allow you to insert words and drag and drop pictures easily. But think of your website as a car. The engine is the backend coding and SEO. While nobody sees this "engine," it’s essential for your website to work and rank well with search engines like Google. If your DIY website fails to rank in searches, you’ll be wasting the money you tried to save. ...
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