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Social Media Cheat Sheet

Is your business on social media? If you answered anything but “yes,” chances are you are a bit behind, and are missing out on potential growth and exposure opportunities through these platforms.
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New Website Launch - Program Insurance Group

Evolve Impact Group is excited to announce the launch of the new Program Insurance Group Website. Program Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency serving central Texas with locations in both Bryan and Georgetown, Texas.
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Evolve Impact Group - July Newsletter

We are pleased to share with you the first edition of the Evolve Impact Group monthly newsletter! If you're receiving this, we've had the pleasure of past (or present!) working alongside you. From print production to design, brand consulting and digital marketing, we are here to be your partner in spreading your mission, message, and promoting your business on all fronts.
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July Client Spotlight - Justin Hancock from Integrity Urgent Care

This month, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Justin Hancock (and Jonathan Bourland!) from Integrity Urgent Care. Evolve has been working with Integrity for about two years now, and what a relationship it has been – we have gotten to watch Integrity grow and open not one but TWO new locations throughout Texas! Check out our interview with below for some insight into Integrity’s day-to-day, and to get to know Justin and Johnathan a little bit better.
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How Social Media Can Impact Your Business

Due to the explosive growth of social media platforms over the past five years, usage is now a necessity to ensure a business or organization is at the forefront of its target market.
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Evolve Impact Group Announces Partnership with the Purchasing Solutions Alliance!

Evolve Impact Group has been awarded the Purchasing Solutions Alliance Contract No. 17-207-01 for Digital Printing Services. The contract is intended for use by municipalities, county agencies, schools, higher education, churches and most non-profit organizations.
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Evolve Impact Group Wins KORA 98.3's "Office of the Week" Award!

Evolve Impact Group was fortunate enough to receive the “Office of the Week” award from 98.3 KORA Radio Station in June of 2018!
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Websites: You Get What You Pay For

Most of the time, users get a feel for a website in terms of usability and usefulness within seconds after it loads on their screen. Those critical seconds can determine whether a prospective user, client, or customer, will remain on the site and take a closer look at what you have to offer.
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Training Materials 101

Have you ever thought about how your organization trains new employees or provides ongoing training for existing employees? Good training materials are invaluable.
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SEO vs. Paid Advertising - What's Right for Your Business?

Organizations of all sizes are realizing the importance of online marketing, especially through search engines. However, after this realization comes a big decision to make - whether to capitalize upon SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Paid Advertising (Google Adwords), or a combination of the two.
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