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How and Why You Should Respond to Negative Reviews

In today’s e-commerce world, negative reviews seem to come with the territory. With all the built-in, on-site rating and review features at their fingertips, it’s often easy for customers to leave a negative review. Do you know what’s worse than a bad review, though? Not responding to it!
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There's Real Value to Business Reviews

“Survey: 90% of consumers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.” Wow! Word of mouth has always been a key to success in business. Today the medium to do that has become online reviews. According to a survey from Dimensional Research (an independent market research company specializing in technology), based on over 1,000 responses from persons in the US, 90% of consumers who had read online reviews claimed that positive reviews influenced a decision to buy with almost that many...
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7 Essential Digital Tools for Your 2019 Marketing Plan

A new year is a great time for evaluation of current strategies and practices in many areas of our lives. If you’re part of a small business or organization, take some time over the next few weeks to think about your marketing strategy goals to ensure that you’re ready to start the new year. Today, as always, the primary role of marketing is to attract visitors, convert them into potential leads, assist sales personnel in closing them as clients, and keep them coming back. But in our curren...
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How Do I Use Social Media to Positively Impact My Brand?

In previous posts, we have highlighted the importance of a social media presence for your business. Facebook recently announced that they now have over TWO BILLION active users. Social media can be a valuable tool to build your brand’s reputation if used correctly. It can also negatively impact your brand’s reputation if used incorrectly. To make an impact, it’s useful to remember that social media activity involves both posting engaging content and responding to those who reach out to you.
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